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Best spy app for Android, iPhone without access to target phone free

How can i spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone? This is probably the question that many people are interested in when they want to track someone’s cell phone, but they can’t reach the opponent’s cell phone. Or in other words, is there any way I can eavesdrop on someone else’s phone call and read text messages on that person’s phone without having to install software on that person’s phone?

How can i spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

Is there the best spy app for Android, iPhone without access to target phone free? If so, how much does it cost to use it? How to use? Below we will analyze it for you to understand it in detail.

1. How can i spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

– Answer: If you can’t install the software on the target phone, you can’t track the information on that person’s cell phone, you can’t eavesdrop on calls, can’t read messages. message, it is not possible to locate the person via mobile phone, unless you have a close relationship with the carrier providing telecommunications services.

I create a phishing link to entice others to click, then I can track the cell phone without installing software on the target phone?

Of course, it’s a good idea, but even if you create a fake link containing malicious code, after someone clicks on that fake link, the phone can be infected with a virus and hit. In fact, spreading viruses and stealing this information is still in the form of targeted phone spyware.

When spreading a virus to the target cell phone, it means that the phone has been installed with spyware and silently steals information, so this form is still called tracking through software. spyware.

– I know a person’s cell phone number, can I eavesdrop on that person’s calls?

If you only know the person’s cell phone number, but you want to eavesdrop on the person’s cell phone calls, it is impossible, unless you have a close relationship with a telecommunications service provider.

However, most telecom service providers won’t do this for you, because it’s against the law, and it’s only done at the request of a police investigation, at which point the provider The new telecommunications service may provide a recording of the person’s calls to the police, or to an investigative agency.

If you are taking a case at a Court (Civil Court, or Criminal Court) where the victim is yourself, you can now ask your telecommunications service provider to extract the file. record calls of that target cell phone number for court proceedings.

– I want to locate someone by cell phone number, how do I do that?

If you want to determine the location of a person through that person’s mobile phone, you will have 2 ways as follows:

+ Method 1: Before that, you installed a spy application on that person’s mobile phone (you can find a lot of free spy apps for Android, iPhone (iOS) on CH Play (Android), or the App Store (iPhone). After installing the spy app, you can determine where the person is through this mobile spy app.

The requirement is that the person’s mobile phone must be connected to the internet (3G, 4G, 5G, wifi…), and they must have location services turned on on their mobile phone.

+ Method 2: You contact your telecommunications service provider to ask them to locate the mobile phone number of the person you are trying to locate, usually the telecommunications service provider will respond to you if your case is urgent such as: Missing children, students who have been away from home for a long time, or other emergencies.

In addition, you can also hire private detectives in the area where you live and work. Private detectives have a very close relationship with telecommunications service providers where they are based, this is an official relationship to serve investigation activities, search for missing people. and other verification work of private detective.

– Can I read messages without installing software on the target phone?

Similarly, you can read other people’s text messages without installing tracking software on your target phone by contacting your telecommunications service provider.

Normally, the telecommunications service provider will provide that person’s text messages to you if you are taking a case in Court, the text messages of that person will be extracted to serve as evidence for court purposes.

However, it is necessary to have a basis in the message (electronic data) on the target mobile phone containing data related to the case you are suing in Court, depending on the regulations on telecommunications services. telecommunications services of each country where the Court may require telecommunications service providers to provide electronic data such as messages for the purposes of court proceedings.

– Can I hire hacker to track cell phone without installing software on target phone?

Very good, if you know a professional hacker and have the ability to do it, however, the hacker is a trustworthy and highly qualified person who is able to track cell phones without installation. software on the target phone.

To do this, you need to prepare a cost (remuneration) to pay the hacker. This must be done in absolute secrecy, so you need to find a reputable, reliable hacker to do this job.

2. Best spy app for Android, iPhone without access to target phone free

I want to tell you this, currently there isn’t any spy app that can track iphone and android phones without having to install software on the target phone, maybe places advertise it are trying to mislead you to misunderstand, or they are simply joking for fun.

Best spy app for Android, iPhone without access to target phone free

I’m talking about 3rd party spyware (not available on the App Store) that has the function to run in the background so that the user does not detect it, and you can eavesdrop on cell phone calls. , function to read messages secretly, function to view texting and calling history, function to locate other people’s location through their mobile phone…

– Spy app for iPhone (iOS)

For iPhones that have not been jailbroken, it is very difficult to install a spy application on it, because the security on the current iPhone’s iOS operating system is quite high.

Therefore, if you want to track an iPhone, you need to jailbreak it first, and then you need to install a spy piece on that person’s mobile phone to be able to track the activity of the person on their mobile phone.

If you have not jailbroken your iPhone, it is very difficult, or impossible, to install spyware on the target phone. At this point, you can only install apps developed on the App Store (free, royalty-free versions). However, it won’t hide on the iPhone’s screen, so its users will notice.

– Spy apps for Android

For Android phones, the installation of 3rd software is very simple, the download and installation process is very quick, installing a spy software to monitor, eavesdrop on calls, determine location, etc. Spying on messages, viewing texting and calling history… is very easy, even if your Android phone is not rooted.

To download and install spyware for Android phones, do the following: Unlock the screen on the target phone (if the phone doesn’t have a screen password set it’s fine) -> Next , go to the settings -> Find the Google Protech folder -> Turn this off -> Then paste the software link into the browser into the target Android phone -> Download and install.

So, where to get the software link? You can contact phone spyware providers in your area, or contact private detective agencies. Because private detective companies will own it to serve investigation purposes for customers, the most common is to investigate evidence of adultery.

Depending on the laws of each country on this type of cell phone spyware, you choose where to sell the legal software. If you are having trouble finding an Android phone spyware seller, please contact me via email to use.

I sell this spyware for Android phone at a cost of $1,000 / 1 software / 1 phone / 1 year of use. After a year of use, if you want to continue using it, you have to pay this cost to me, it’s called a license fee, or you can also call it with the form of renting the software for 1 year as well. Okay

So, above I have answered you the question How can i spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone? As well as introduce you the best spy app for Android, iPhone without access to target phone free ( for free for 1 day, then you need to pay the cost to continue using it).

If you have any questions regarding installing spyware on your iPhone, Android phone, please email me, or leave a comment at the end of the article, I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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