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Cost of hiring a private investigator in Hong Kong

How much does a private detective in Hong Kong cost? How much does it cost to hire a private detective in Hong Kong to monitor adultery? Below is our official Hong Kong private detective cost quote.

Fees apply depending on the area: Hong Kong Island (Middle West District, Loan Te District, East District, Southern District); Cuu Long (Du Tiem Vuong, Sham Shui Bo, Cuu Long Thanh, Hoang Dai Tien, Quan Duong); New Territories (Quy Thanh, Thuyen Loan, Truan Mon, Nguyen Lang, Northern District, Dai Bo, Sa Dien, Tay Cong, Island)

1. Private detective Hong Kong cost

– The cost of hiring a private detective to monitor adultery in Hong Kong is 5,000 yuan – 15,000 yuan / 1 day of monitoring (about 770 USD – 2320 USD / 1 day of investigation), the cost of hiring a detective will not be fixed, depending on many factors and the complexity of the case. To have specific evidence of adultery through photos, video clips… we need 3-7 working days to track time.

– Cost of hiring a private investigator in Hong Kong to investigate and provide information about harassing cell phone number owners and smearing your dignity: 20,000 yuan (equivalent to 3,094 USD). per mobile number)

– Searching for students, leaving home and finding mobile phone numbers of family members far away from home Service fee: 50,000 yuan / 1 case (about US $ 7,736 per case)

– Spouse, lover’s texting and call log lookup service cost: 60,000 yuan / mobile phone texting and call data report (about 10,830 USD / data query )

Please note that searching for data related to other people’s mobile phone calls and SMS logs is subject to the laws of that country and may violate the laws of the country/region where you are headquartered. data without the consent of others may violate the law.

– Cost for Hong Kong private detectives to investigate and provide information on motorcycle or car owners: 6000 yuan per license plate (equivalent to 928 USD per license plate).

– Hong Kong private detective service to monitor, supervise minors, monitor students Cost: 5000 yuan / 1 day of supervision (about 770 USD / 1 day of investigation supervision)

– Cost of hiring a private detective to find a fugitive (private detective to find runaway children, find children in a family that has run away from home, find separated relatives, track down scammers) runaway expenses: please Contact us directly for more information, specific advice and cost quotes.

– Banking transaction history reporting service for one person: 110,000 yuan / 1 year of bank transaction history / 1 bank account (approximately 17,019 USD / 1 bank account)

Please note that it may be illegal to view someone’s bank statements and transaction records without their consent and may be illegal in Hong Kong.

– Investigative service for tracking employees, tracking business partners and competitors: 10,000 yuan-20,000 yuan/day of tracking (about US$1,547-$3,094/day of tracking and controlling check.)

– Cost of hiring a private investigator in Hong Kong to install software to track, eavesdrop and locate someone’s cell phone: 120,000 yuan / 1 cell phone / 1 year of use ( about US$18,566 / 1 year mobile spyware)

– Service of tracking, investigating and providing information for other requests: If you need to hire a Hong Kong private detective to track and collect evidence for other purposes, or need to investigate and clarify matters, For other issues, please call our company number for a more specific cost quote.

The above are the main investigative services provided by our company and served to Hong Kong clients. If you have a need to hire a reputable, professional, high-quality private detective and need to investigate and clarify other issues, do not hesitate to contact us directly via the hotline for more specific advice.

Please note that, depending on different actual cases, different investigation time, different complexity of the case… Then the cost will also be different. Therefore, to know the exact cost to hire a specific personal investigator, please call us at the phone number, we will apply a more specific cost to your case.

2. The most reliable and highly qualified Hong Kong private detective agency

Hong Kong Private Detective Company under Global Detective Center is a unit specializing in providing detective services for adultery investigation and other most prestigious and professional investigation and monitoring services today.

With many years of experience in the profession, our Hong Kong private detective agency has handled and investigated many cases with different requirements and levels of complexity, every request we will quickly investigate and provide. provide information for the right purposes and requirements. Respond to customer requests quickly.

We are an independent investigative agency in Hong Kong with a large, professional and enthusiastic team of private investigators to provide our clients with the most effective investigation, tracking and evidence collection services.

Hong Kong Private Detective Company is a unit that conducts investigation, tracing and evidence collection at the request of local customers, investigating and monitoring activities meeting the professional standards of the detective profession. At the same time, customer information is absolutely confidential.

Currently, our Hong Kong private detective office has a team of Hong Kong detectives born and raised here, we carefully select and cultivate the most serious supervision.

With the strength of the locals, our private investigators in Hong Kong have a team of investigators who know the way, understand local life and culture, and are not afraid to follow up . We will definitely be the most trusted choice and purpose for existing customers. land.

In addition, our Hong Kong private detective company also equips private detectives with the most sophisticated detective equipment today to serve the investigation, tracking and monitoring process. Investigate and gather evidence quickly and efficiently.

3. Contact a private detective in Hong Kong for us to investigate your case.

If you are looking to investigate suspicions when a family member has an affair (wife, husband, lover you are unfaithful), or you want to locate someone, or you want to investigate the banking problems, mobile phone numbers… Please call us for the best support.

Currently we provide investigative services to individuals and companies with the highest professionalism. The following is the cost of the Hong Kong private detective service that we provide, when in need of using one of the following services, please contact our company immediately for the fastest support.

Currently, our Hong Kong private detective company provides the most professional investigation, monitoring and supervision services, we always work scientifically, logically and methodically, equipped with the most advanced modern technology, We are proud to be one of them. The most prestigious, professional and reliable private detective company in Hong Kong.

With a high level of expertise, more than 12 years of practical work experience, and a team of experts in the field of investigation, our company will quickly and efficiently investigate each of your inquiries. The best help you save time and cost in the fastest time.

In addition, when your contract with our Hong Kong private detective agency expires, we will also assist you in the near future. Just when you need us, we will support quickly, enthusiastically and professionally.

When you come to our HongKong private detective office, you will directly experience the most professional investigative services, scientific investigative style, and a team of qualified and dedicated investigators. I believe cooperating with us you will surely be satisfied.

When there is a need to use one of the above services or need to investigate the problem, you contact us for advice and charge appropriate to your case. Customer, we will then investigate and provide information as quickly as possible according to your request.


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