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Prestigious and professional private detective office

Hoan Cau Private investigation agency is a central office of Global Intelligence in Vietnam (We include Lawyers, Private Detectives, Investigators)! Currently, we are providing private detective services for all individual and corporate clients in a professional manner.

We provide investigation, tracking, surveillance services all over the world, we have private investigation agency license to practice, and we will investigate to clear your doubts.

1. Private investigation agency license

– Detective agency names: Hoan Cau Private Investigation Service Company

– License: 0313568908 licensed by the Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam for private investigation

– Hotline: (+84) 902746345 or (+84) 967185789 (Viber, Telegram, Zalo)

– Address of a private investigation agency in Vietnam: 67 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

When you need to hire a private detective to track and investigate evidence of adultery, or track and monitor a certain object, or need to investigate and verify a certain incident, please call the center. Global Intelligence Vietnam to receive the best support.
private investigative agency

2. Private investigation private detective services

2.1. Detective service to investigate, monitor adultery

What is adultery tracking detective service? This is the process by which professional private detectives of the Global Intelligence Center track and monitor the subject in order to collect specific evidence related to adultery.

During the process of tracking and monitoring the target, the life process as well as the adultery of the target object will be collected by professional private detectives of the Global Intelligence Center with images and video clips to send. Customers as evidence of adultery, in addition, we support catching adultery.

To better understand the form of hiring a detective to monitor adultery, please refer to the official price list of detective services to investigate adultery of the Global Intelligence Center Vietnam.

Or you can call the investigation agency via hotline (+84) 902.746.345 or (+84) 967.185.789 (Viber, Telegram, Zalo) for detailed information.

2.2. Student monitoring service

What is Child, Student, Student Supervision Service? This is the process of monitoring and supervising children in order to manage their learning, playing and entertainment process, from which parents will make adjustments if their children show signs of “spoiling”. as soon as possible, to avoid bad situations that may happen to them.

During the process of monitoring the children, where do they go every day (whether they go to school or not), where do they go (do they drop out of school to go out or not), regularly interact with people (contact and meet each other). what members of society)… All these issues will be closely monitored by the Global Intelligence Center of Vietnam.

2.3. Personal information investigation service, kin verification

What is the service of investigating personal information, verifying the identity of relatives? This is the process by which the private investigation agency Hoan Cau uses professional methods to investigate and obtain information of a specific person, through the person’s identity card number / or citizen identification card number, we I will investigate and verify all information accurately and quickly.

We will investigate all personal information, relatives, common people in a person’s household registration accurately and quickly, you just need to provide us with the correct identification number / or public identification. people of the person who needs investigation, we will proceed as quickly as possible.

2.4. Investigation service, tracking phone number

Regarding the phone number, currently, Hoan Cau private investigation agency is providing a lot of related forms, below are the forms of our service provision, depending on the specific case that you have: You can choose one of the most effective and suitable forms for your case.

+ Anonymous, mysterious phone number investigation service: From a mysterious phone number, we will investigate for you the following information: Full name, date of birth, identification number letter/citizen identity card (issued date, place of issue), and the address of the owner of that anonymous phone number.

Please find out the details of the price list of the service to investigate the owner of Viettel, Mobifone, Vinaphone phone numbers.

+ Service to get a list of other people’s texting and calling logs: Hoan Cau Private Investigation Agency will look up and get you all the texting and calling history of a specific phone number, including time, duration, and location when a call, message, etc. is generated.

We invite you to learn more about the price list of the service of looking up texting and calling logs of others to better understand this form.

+ Service of locating phone numbers of relatives who have left home: In case a wife, husband, children, family members leave home and take their phone with them, the method of locating phone numbers to find them who is the most efficient and fastest today.

Please find out the details of the price list of where other people’s phone numbers are located for more details

+ Service of installing software to monitor, locate and eavesdrop on other people’s phones: The phone tracking software of Vietnam’s Global Intelligence Center has the following specific features: Positioning, eavesdropping, reading steal SMS – Zalo – Facebook Messenger, eavesdrop on ambient sounds, view surrounding images, view messaging history – call…

We invite you to learn more about the price list of installing software to track and eavesdrop on other people’s phones to learn more about the software of our Hoan Cau private investigation agency.

2.5. Bank account number investigation service

Regarding bank accounts, currently, Global Intelligence Center Vietnam is providing related forms of investigation, below are our investigation forms.

+ Service to investigate information about the owner of a bank account number: Hoan Cau Private Detective Office will investigate for you the following information: Full name, date of birth, current amount in the account, number mobile phone number, identity card/citizen identification number, and address of the bank account number holder.

Please find out the details of the price list of the service of investigating information about the owner of the bank account number of the private investigation agency Hoan Cau.

+ Statement service for transferring money, receiving money, withdrawing money of others: We will make a statement of all the process of receiving, transferring, withdrawing, depositing money, including the amount of each transaction, the delivery time. transaction, transaction account name/number… in a specific and accurate manner.

Please refer to the detailed price list of bank statement service for more details.

2.6. Service to investigate license plate owners

What is the service to investigate the owner of the number plate of a motorbike or car? This is the investigation process to get all personal information and vehicle information, through the license plate, we will investigate all the information quickly and accurately. Hoan Cau Private Detective Agency will investigate for you the following information:

+ Investigate vehicle owner information: Include full name, address, mobile phone number, identity card number / citizen identification number of the vehicle owner.

+ Investigate vehicle’s specifications: Including chassis number, engine number, year of manufacture, country of manufacture, status of vehicle records, whether the vehicle is in circulation or has been recalled, is it illegal or not, mortgage or not…

We invite you to learn more about the price list of the number plate investigation service for motorbikes and cars of the Global Vietnamese Intelligence Center to find out more specifically.

3. The process of hiring private detectives to investigate

– Step 1: Free consultation by phone

First of all, when you want to use the investigation, monitoring, monitoring and verification services of the Global Vietnamese Intelligence Center, please call the hotline (+84) 902.746.345 or (+84) 967.185.789 (Viber, Telegram, Zalo) for best support.

We will advise on the most effective and appropriate investigation methods for your case. Regardless of whether you use our services or not, we will still enthusiastically and specifically advise you.

– Step 2: Sign a contract to hire detective services

Before the private detectives carry out the work, we will sign a contract with you for investigation services, signing the contract is to ensure your interests in the best way.

When signing a contract for investigation, monitoring and evidence collection services, we collect 50% of the contract value in advance. The remaining 50% you pay us at the end of the contract.

– Step 3: The detective conducts the work

After signing a service contract with a customer, we will start investigating, monitoring and monitoring to collect information and evidence at your request.

For contracts to monitor and collect evidence (monitoring adultery, tracking children, tracking lovers, etc.), before conducting tracking, we will survey the area to have methods and plans. monitoring plan. best tracking. Site survey is free.

– Step 4: Provide information and results

+ For contracts to hire private detectives to monitor, collect information and evidence (Following cheating spouses, tracking students, tracking business employees, tracking lovers, …) will keep you informed for hours. Specifically where the object goes, meets someone, goes… We will provide and report immediately so that you can indirectly manage and grasp the matter as quickly as possible.

+ For investigation service contracts of a package nature (investigating phone numbers, license plates, bank account numbers, investigating personal information / verifying identity, …) Information will be provided only once. Once the investigation is complete, we will provide you with full information once.

Above is the entire process of using private detective services, when customers have a need to use our services, please contact us directly for more specific advice.

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