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Professional private detective office in Singapore

The private detective office in Singapore under the Global Intelligence Center now has a Private investigator agency license Singapore, we are a unit that provides tracking, evidence collection, investigation and verification services. information, professional monitoring.

Customers who want to hire a private investigator in Singapore to investigate and clarify issues in life, please do not hesitate – Call us to receive the most detailed and dedicated private investigator singapore cost consulting support.

Currently, Global Intelligence Center Vietnam is providing a lot of services in different fields, in which matters related to marriage and family, work / career, and other related matters. out of other society

1. Private investigator agency license Singapore

– Name of Singapore private investigative agency: Global Center for Intelligence, Investigation, Monitoring and Information Supply

– Private investigator agency license Singapore: 0313568908 Viber

– Phone number of Singapore private investigator: (+84) 902.746.345 or (+84) 967.185.789 (Viber, Telegram, Zalo)

– Fields of activity: Investigating, exploiting, searching and providing information under contracts, hiring professional personnel, providing equipment/software, and other uncategorized fields…

– Strengths: Hire detectives to track and collect evidence, investigate and verify information, search for information on demand.

Customers who have a need to use the services of our Singapore private investigation agency, please call us via the hotline to receive the most professional service manual support.

2. Singapore Private Investigator Services

2.1. Private detective rental service to monitor adultery

Infidelity monitoring service is the process of tracking and monitoring the subject in order to collect relevant evidence information to prove the object of adultery.

The evidence to prove adultery is images, video clips… All of this evidence will be fully monitored and collected by the private detectives in Singapore of the Global Intelligence Center. In addition, if you want to catch adultery, we will assist in the most professional way.

Please find out the details of the private investigator Singapore’s cost of detective services to investigate evidence of adultery to learn more about the costs and related questions of this special service.

2.2. Service of investigating personal information, verifying relatives’ identity

What is personal information investigation, family identification? This is the job that the detective office branch in Singapore will use professional measures, the support of relevant agencies … to verify someone’s information.
All personal information and information of someone’s family members will be quickly investigated and verified by our Singapore Global private investigator with the highest accuracy.

We invite you to learn more about our service of personal information investigation and family identification to better understand this form.

2.3. Service of investigation and verification of phone number owner information

In case you want to know who is the owner of an anonymous phone number, a strange subscriber, a phone number that regularly sends threatening messages, harassing, etc., please call us for quick support. Best.

You just need to provide the phone number of the person you want to verify to a private investigator Singapore Global, we will investigate and verify for you the following information: Full name, date of birth, number identity card / citizen identification, permanent address / temporary residence address of the owner of that phone number.

Global Intelligence Center is a Private investigator agency license Singapore for a long time, we will quickly investigate and verify your incident as quickly as possible.

2.4. Where is someone else’s phone number locating service?

In case you want to determine the location of a person on the map to serve the needs of finding children who have run away from home, finding relatives who have run away from home, tracking fraudsters, finding escaped debtors … Don’t hesitate – Call Singapore’s private investigative agency via hotline for quick and timely instructions on how to use it.

Regarding locating phone numbers, currently, we have 3 forms of location determination at the Singapore Global Private Investigation Agency, which is to determine the current location with a radius of 5 – 200. , the form of locating the phone number is 100% accurate (including the results of finding people) and the form of determining the location in the past.

Please find out the details of the private investigator Singapore costs of locating other people’s phone numbers.

2.5. Bank account number owner investigation service

What is the investigation of the owner of a bank account number? This is a method of investigating a person’s personal information in case you make a wrong transfer, or someone fraudulently transfers money through a bank.

When you want to investigate any account number information, just provide us with the exact account number and name of the account holder, Singapore Global Private Investigation Agency we will investigate the information for you. the following information: Current account balance, permanent/temporary address, mobile phone number of the holder of that bank account number.

Please find out the details of the Singapore private investigator of the bank account number owner investigation service

2.6. Service of statements of other people’s bank accounts

In case you want to get someone else’s bank statement for specific purposes such as controlling the financial spending situation of family members, checking the company’s employee account statements. …. Please call Hoan Cau private detective company for us to receive support.

We will list all the history of a person’s deposit, transfer, withdrawal, receipt of money for you, including the specific amount of each transaction, the transaction time, the content of the transaction …

Please find out the details of the bank account number statement service

2.7. Detective service in Singapore installs phone tracking software

Currently, Hoan Cau intelligence center is providing professional and secret phone tracking software installation service, if you want to install software to eavesdrop on other people’s phones, please call us to receive Detailed instructions.

Singapore Global Private Investigation Agency software has the following functions: Locating phones, eavesdropping on 2-way calls, viewing content of 2-way SMS, Zalo, Facebook Messenger messages, eavesdropping on ambient sounds around, view photos around, view call history, text messages, and other functions…

Please see details of private investigator Singapore cost of tracking software, eavesdropping, locating, reading messages on other people’s phones of Global Intelligence Center

2.8. Service of providing navigation equipment for cars and motorbikes

In case you want to attach a GPS device to the car of your spouse, lover to track and monitor their daily travel schedule, please call Hoan Cau detective company to buy equipment and used effectively and professionally.

The equipment of the private investigation office of Singapore Hoan Cau is a wireless device, uses a battery (one charge can be used for 30 days, the battery runs out to be used again), has a strong adhesive magnet.

You can control every day where that person goes, where to stop, how many minutes to stop…. All you will check and watch live in a simple way.

2.9. Detective services in Long An investigate and verify on request

In case you need to hire a private detective in Singapore to track down a certain object to collect information and evidence, or need to investigate and verify a specific issue in your life… Do not hesitate, Call us us to get consulting support, quote private investigator cost singapore

The above are some of the key investigation, monitoring and surveillance services that we are providing, in addition, the private investigative agency Singapore Global has extensive investigation activities, so if you need To investigate and verify another matter, please call Hoan Cau’s private detective office via the hotline to receive more specific instructions and quotes.

3. The process of hiring a detective in Singapore

– Step 1: Preliminary consultation over the phone

First, when encountering any doubt, an incident arising in the family, work / career / society that needs to be investigated, verified and clarified, please call the company. Hoan Cau detective agency through the hotline to receive detailed instructions and receive a cost quote for your case.

Regardless of whether you work with us or not, we will still advise you on the most effective and suitable methods (with a specific cost quote) for you to consider using the service, as well as advise on specific cases so that you are not taken advantage of by scammers to appropriate your money.

– Step 2: Sign a contract for private detective services

Before proceeding with the work, you will sign a service contract with Hoan Cau detective agency, a contract prepared by Singapore private detective company Hoan Cau in detail, or you can also do it yourself. Draft a contract and sign it.

When signing a service contract, Singapore Hoan Cau detective agency collects 50% of the contract value in advance, the remaining 50% you will pay us at the time of liquidation / termination of the service contract.

In case you do not want to sign a contract, we will still perform the work professionally as we have advised, quoted and committed.

– Step 3: Private detective in Singapore does the job

After signing a service contract, private detectives in Singapore will carry out a site survey and then conduct an investigation (Survey is completely free, applicable to tracking and evidence collection services). cheating, monitoring students/students, monitoring company employees/monitoring business competitors, etc.)

For service contracts for investigation and verification of information of a package nature (inquiry about personal information, phone numbers, license plates, bank accounts, installing tracking software, tracking history) call, text message, etc.), we will immediately investigate and collect information without survey.

The above is a 3-step process to hire a private investigator in Singapore to monitor, collect evidence and investigate information verification, if you want to investigate and clarify something, don’t hesitate – Please contact us. Call Hoan Cau detective company to receive more specific consulting instructions and service cost quotes.

Hotline for consultation, quote the cost of hiring a private detective in Singapore: (+84) 902.746.345 or (+84) 967.185.789 (Viber, Telegram, Zalo, Free consultation 24/24).

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