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Private detective agency in Amsterdam, Netherlands

We are a Dutch detective agency recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, we operate an independent investigation, in compliance with the policies and requirements set forth by the Dutch Ministry of Justice. carefully and precisely.

Detective Hoan Cau is one of the reputable private detective companies in the Amsterdam – Netherlands, and our representative office is located in the Netherlands to make transactions with customers the most convenient and easy.

With a team of staff with many years of experience in the field of private detectives investigating adultery, as well as investigating various business and social cases… we are confident to bring it to you. The most reliable, reputable, low-cost, and quality investigative services.

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1. Dutch detective agency recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Justice

The Dutch Detective Agency (Amsterdam private detective office) under the Global Intelligence Center is a private detective agency with investigative activities that has been recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, issued with certificates and badges. In practice, we meet all the requirements set forth by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, so we are confident to help you investigate the case in the best way.

Private detective office in Amsterdam – Netherlands (Dutch) is one of the most reputable investigation and tracking service providers to collect information and verify evidence in the Netherlands. With over 12 years of experience in the field of providing investigative services, Hoan Cau detective company is confident to bring customers the most professional investigation services.

Possessing a team of professional and highly qualified staff, the most modern and sophisticated technological equipment available today, all these types of equipment will be provided by us during the monitoring process. , investigate, monitor and collect evidence images, video clips and recording files are the clearest and most accurate, we will definitely be the best choice for you right now.

As the first unit to provide investigation, tracking, monitoring and evidence collection services in the Netherlands, private detective agency in Amsterdam we are proud to be one of the companies approved by the Ministry of Justice of the Netherlands. Lan acknowledged the investigation.

Currently, our private detective office in Amsterdam has a team of genuine, skilled, professional and enthusiastic investigators in investigating the case, equipped with sophisticated technological equipment, most modern today. The types of technological equipment will support the most complete and clear evidence collection process.

With many years of experience in tracking and investigating activities, our detective office in Amsterdam is currently providing investigation, monitoring, monitoring and evidence collection services that are tailored to your needs. the practical needs of society, the services we are serving will help you protect family happiness, management issues – supervision of children, supervision of students – students, work problems – career – business, and various related social issues.

2. Private detective in Amsterdam – Netherlands

Currently, we have private detectives in Amsterdam who are familiar with the roads, knowledgeable about the living culture of the people here, surely our global detective company will be a worthy choice. most reliable for customers.

– Detective service to investigate evidence of adultery

If you already know that your spouse is having an affair but you do not have concrete evidence, or you are suspecting your spouse is having an affair, then you need a private detective in the Netherlands to investigate this case. The sooner the better, if you let the case go too long, it will get worse and harder to deal with.

Therefore, you can contact our company’s Amsterdam private detective office for assistance, we will investigate and answer your questions and doubts accurately, in a timely manner. the fastest.

– Lover investigation service before marriage

Investigating your lover before proceeding with the legal marriage registration procedures is very necessary, if you think your lover is unfaithful, or has signs of improper relationships. worthy, there are unclear relationships… At this point, investigate that relationship so that you can make the right decision, whether to marry that person or not.

Let us help you with this matter, by contacting our private detective office in Amsterdam for instructions on how to use the service, and contact us for the cost of the case. your

– Child management service, student supervision

If you think that the children in your family don’t go to school, they drop out of school to play games, or they often gather with people in social evils to smoke, drink alcohol, hit others, smoking drugs… Then you should control them carefully.

Call the private detective agency Amsterdam and we will help you, whether the child or the child in your family really goes to school, participates in the evils of society,… All these This will be answered by us for you, if there are problems then we will take pictures for you to see details.

– Detective and investigation services for businesses

In business, you will certainly have many problems to solve, such as the problem of employees in the company, business partners, competitors of the business, the source of goods of other businesses. import from,… All in all, you need a private detective in the Netherlands to investigate.

Our Amsterdam private detective agency specializes in investigating this matter, we have many years of experience in the field of economic investigation, so the problems you are having will also be handled by us. exact investigation.

– Mobile phone number owner investigation service

If you are being hit by an anonymous cell phone number, then repeatedly text you with inappropriate language, or call you to insult you, or slander your reputation, honor, and dignity. you, or slander your business… At this point, you need to investigate and verify who the owner of that phone number is as soon as possible.

If you are having this problem, please immediately contact our Amsterdam private detective agency for help, we will immediately trace it by locating the location through the frequency of the mobile phone number. that action, while using many other technological measures to find out the exact owner of that anonymous phone number.

In addition to the services we have listed above, we also have many other investigation, tracking and information verification services, if you are having any problems. At some point in life, you can contact the Dutch detective agency for advice and the most specific and reasonable cost.

When you need to hire a private detective in Amsterdam to investigate adultery, or investigate and collect evidence for a specific purpose, you should immediately contact Hoan Cau detective agency for more specific advice. . Hoan Cau Detective Company is committed to absolute customer satisfaction.

Dutch detective agency recognized by the Dutch Ministry of Justice, We are committed to helping you investigate the case in the most accurate way, saving you the most costs, and supporting you later if you need us, we will support and enthusiastically help you.

To better understand how we work, and to know exactly how much it costs to hire a private investigator in Amsterdam – the Netherlands, please contact us via mobile number, or email to us, we will reply you in the fastest time.

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